Kyodai Bonsai



Our Roots

Kyodai Bonsai garden is the heart and soul of us 4 brothers.  It was started in 2013 when we took over all the trees from Robert Gechon’s bonsai business.  We were not operated as a bonsai business at the time, but more like pursing our passion, and that was one of the reasons why Robert decided to pass down his trees to us.  We reminded him of himself when he first started doing bonsai.  Since then, our brothers have learned and advanced our bonsai knowledge through videos, bonsai professionals, and local clubs. In the summer of 2020, we decided to transform our passion not for profit driven, but a vision, Bonsai 4 all.  We wanted to promote and provide access for bonsai enthusiast, hobbyist, and professional to foster an environment of interactive learning, teaching, discover, and most importantly keep spreading bonsai awareness to the world.


Franklee Nguyen

Tri Nguyen

Noah Nguyen

The Anh Nguyen

Ricky Clayton

Glen Walters

Lee Cheatle

Tu Pham